SJ Pops: Sounds of the Decades

Join the South Jersey Pops Orchestra for the latest concert in their Sounds of the Decades: A Journey Through Time series on Sunday, March 24th.

The South Jersey Pops Orchestra, founded in 1969, stands as a distinguished musical ensemble rooted in Burlington County, New Jersey. Over the years, it has evolved into a cherished pillar of the local community, comprising around 70 dedicated volunteer instrumentalists from across South Jersey. What truly distinguishes the South Jersey Pops Orchestra is not only its remarkable musical prowess but also the profound sense of camaraderie and community spirit that permeates every note they play. Despite being a volunteer orchestra, its members come together with a shared passion for music, forging deep friendships and connections that extend far beyond the stage.

Under the adept guidance of their conductor, Robert Bradshaw, the orchestra offers a diverse repertoire that appeals to audiences of all ages and musical preferences, ranging from classical symphonies to contemporary pop hits. Their performances are renowned for their infectious energy, enthusiasm, and unwavering commitment to artistic excellence. Bradshaw connects each piece to the audience in a way that is unique & personal, and entirely different from your average orchestral performance. “It’s like a private tour through music, with 1000 of your closest friends” says Jane Moore, longtime supporter of the Pops concerts “Not only do we love the music, but the Rob (Bradshaw)’s commentary as he guides the audience through the concert is something we’ve grown to truly enjoy”. Moreover, the South Jersey Pops Orchestra actively engages with the local community, frequently collaborating with organizations and participating in events, thereby solidifying their role as cultural ambassadors for the region.

To be a member of the South Jersey Pops Orchestra is to be part of a supportive and inclusive musical family. Rehearsals, which happen every Monday, 7pm at the Marlton Methodist Church, serve not only as practice sessions but also as opportunities for members to connect, share experiences, and grow together as artists. There’s a palpable sense of pride that comes with performing with such a distinguished ensemble, knowing that each note played upholds a long legacy of musical excellence and represents the community with distinction.

As the orchestra gears up for its upcoming concert, “Thank you for the Music: A Tribute to the 70s,” anticipation is running high. Scheduled for March 24, 2024, at 3:00 PM at Lenape High School in Medford, NJ, this concert promises to be an extraordinary musical journey through time and genre, featuring music from the 1970’s, the 1870’s and the 1770’s! Audiences can expect a dynamic program featuring classic rock hits, disco anthems, and timeless masterpieces, all brought to life by the exceptional talent and infectious enthusiasm of the South Jersey Pops Orchestra.

The concert, set against the backdrop of the spacious auditorium of Lenape High School, offers the perfect setting for an immersive and electrifying performance. Whether you’re a fan of classical music, classic rock, or disco, “Thank you for the Music: A Tribute to the 70s” has something for everyone to enjoy. Tickets are available now, and with each note played, the South Jersey Pops Orchestra invites you to join them for an evening of music, memories, and magic. Their shows have sold out in the past, so secure your seat by purchasing a ticket now!

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