60+ Years of Easter Joy with Reily’s Candy

There’s an undeniable joy in traditions, and for generations, Reily’s Candy has supplied our community with sweet treats for our Easter traditions & beyond! Easter is just around the corner, and there are just 4 days left to hunt for the perfect treat! But why search far and wide when you can find all your Easter goodies right here at Reily’s Candy in the heart of Medford, New Jersey? Get ready for a basket full of fun and flavor that’ll make this Easter one to remember!

A Sweet Slice of Tradition

As you step into Reily’s Candy you are embraced by the irresistible aroma of chocolate, a scent that has beckoned locals for over six decades. With scent memory being one of the strongest, the aroma of chocolate has the power to whisk you back to Easters of yore. Perhaps you once roamed these aisles as a child with your parents and now find yourself returning as a grandparent, creating new memories with your own grandchildren amidst the same enchanting aroma. Established in 1963 by the confectionary-loving pair William and Edith Reily, this family-owned candy haven has remained a cherished cornerstone in the community, delighting patrons with smiles and sweet indulgences alike.

Easter Treats Galore!

Get ready to dive into a candy wonderland filled with all your Easter favorites! From chocolate-covered almonds to creamy caramels and cherry cordials, Reily’s Candy has something to satisfy every craving. And with sugar-free options available, everyone can join in on the Easter fun without missing a beat!

Local Charm, Sweet Satisfaction

Owner Susan Palkon, who grew up surrounded by the sweet scent of chocolate and the sound of laughter in the shop, has made it her mission to keep the family tradition alive and kicking. With a passion for crafting delicious treats and a dedication to providing top-notch customer service, she’s transformed Reily’s Candy into a must-visit destination for candy lovers of all ages.

Support Local, Taste the Difference

When you shop at Reily’s Candy, you’re not just filling your basket with delicious treats – you’re also supporting a local business and keeping a cherished tradition alive. Where else will you find Peeps in a Canoe? How perfect for this area! So this Easter, skip the big-box stores and opt for something truly special. Head on down to Reily’s Candy at 719 Stokes Road in Medford, NJ, and hop into Easter fun like never before!

Don’t let Easter pass you by without a visit to Reily’s Candy. With goodies galore and smiles aplenty, it’s the sweetest spot in town for all your holiday needs. Come on down and make this Easter a celebration to remember – one delicious bite at a time!

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